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Step into the haunting beauty of Snuff One's Glim the captivating chapbook where Alan Dunnett's poignant poetry intertwines with imagery from Livor Mortis Zine.

With echoes of Victorian mystique as both words and visuals delve into themes of cemeteries and death, crafting a unique exploration of the eternal dance between life and the afterlife.

Hand Numbered First Edition:

  • 36 Pages (front to back)
  • Roughly A5 size
  • Original versions of poems and images
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Cover printed on vintage effect 120gsm heavy paper

Title page of forthcoming chapbook:

Snuff One's Glim

Jessica Mookherjee's Judge's comments on the Glos Open Poetry Competition are now in:

Speaking 'of how... form works for and with the poem,' she says 'it doesn't need to be formal to have form' and gives 'Strict and Immovable' as one example 'where the collaged and fragmented nature of the form and word choices added so much weight to the subject matter.'

'Strict and Immovable' appears in the OPC2023A Black Eyes Publishing UK & Gloucestershire Poetry Society Open Poetry Competition 2023 Anthology.

A chapbook will be published by Livor Mortis Zine soonish:

'Strict and Immovable' has been highly commended:

Three Poems by Alan Dunnett - Across the Margin

Across the Margin



SAT 2 & SUN 3 SEP, 11AM - 6PM

3 poems will soon be appearing here:

Across the Margin

A Time To Mourn: 'Strikingly-sharp poems' —

Matthew M. C. Smith
Writer and Editor of Black Bough Poetry (

— to be published in due course elsewhere under title of To Everything (There is a Season)

Oneworld triumphs in five-way auction for Dunnett debut

Apocalypse Confidential have published 'Outside' and 'At the Last Minute' + image:


'Loss and Replacement' will be appearing in the 4th the6ress zine, Ta DADA

About us (

2 poems will be published by Apocalypse Confidential on Nov 23rd

'Graveyard Cough' has been voiced by Georgie Lundberg. Co-directed with Alan Dunnett by actor/writer/director Jamie Martin:

'Fight with an Angel' appears here (a draft can be found in Poems):

London Grip New Poetry - Autumn 2022 -

A very wide-ranging magazine, not only poetry. See 'categories' right hand side:

poetry -

Across the Margin

2 poems appear in:

Poetry | The High Window (

The Crank Issue 5 is now live:

'Altering Light' appears on page 22. Bios at end.

Here's a recording of 'Risk' made by the actor Jamie Martin with the support of ravens, Easter Monday 2022:

'Risk' appears on page p.22 of Mono (or p.27 according to bottom of page); bios at end; click on 'overview' at top, then click again on sought-for page:

ISSUE 2 - SPRING 2022 (

Poetry and Settled Status For All is now available:

And remaining available:

'Altering Light' will appear in Issue 5 of The Crank: The Crank (

Will be published soon:

Poetry and Settled Status for All

'Flamenco' and 'A Door' will be published in the summer 2022 issue of The High Window:

In Terror House Magazine:

A Moment in the Night," "Scenting the Other," and "Alone" (

3 poems have gone live today:

Please share if you like.

The 8th annual Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival invites you to Poetry and Settled Status for All: Readings and Conversation, an online evening featuring poems and short prose exploring themes that include:

  • migrant, undocumented migrant and refugee experiences
  • the hostile environment, and
  • how, around the world, people are calling on governments to give Settled Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain or citizenship to all who need it.

The event takes place online on Saturday, 4 December 2021, from 6pm till 7.30pm.

Book your ticket here:

The event is a preview of the anthology, Poetry and Settled Status for All which is coming out from CivicLeicester shortly.

Other books CivicLeicester has published include Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New World (2020) and Per terra e per mare: Poesie per chi รจ in cerca di rifugio (2020, translated by Pietro Deandrea).

The Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival is a grassroots festival that aims to draw attention to human rights issues at home and abroad. The festival starts on December 4 and runs through to December 10. The festival also aims to draw attention to Human Rights Day which is marked on December 10 every year around the world.

Ambrose Musiyiwa | CivicLeicester | (Ed.) Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New World (CivicLeicester, 2020)

Recent article: The Poetics of Bearing Witness, Beyond the Barricades. Peace News, October - November 2021

Coming Soon ... Poetry and Settled Status for All

The 3 Dodging The Rain Poems will go live on Tuesday 30th November.

The 2021 Film and Video Poetry Symposium Full Line up including Clytemnestra:

The Film and Video Poetry Society (

The anthology, Poetry and Settled Status for All is coming out from CivicLeicester shortly.

Clytemnestra has been selected for this year's Film and Video Poetry Symposium More to follow.

'Better Not Take the Train', 'Fatale', and 'What is Right' will be appearing in the Horrorscope Press Horror Without Borders. Vol.2: Hidden Realms dark poetry anthology.

Five Leaves Bookshop is stocking The Third Colour:

Dodging The Rain will be publishing 'Brexit Resolution', 'The Outer Reaches' and 'Defeat'.


Issue 4 of The Crank (, which opens with 'Scriptorium', is now online:


'Succour' will be appearing in CivicLeicester's Poetry and Settled Status for All anthology.

It's being crowdfunded:

CivicLeicester - YouTube

'Scriptorium' will be appearing in Issue 4 of The Crank:

'It was weird to remember a time before she had lifted her face to the rain and seen that door, bruise coloured, waiting in the heavens. She kept the page, worn and faded now, with the word 'Power' written on it. It looked like someone else's handwriting. But then, as she reflected on rare occasions, it had been a different time... She'd not understood her own commitment to the business of living.'

Assassin is now online:

Assassin still

Cassandra now in post. Part played by Tabatha Fagin-Adams; directed, filmed and edited by Paula Künstler Aguirre.

Cassandra screenshot 1

Cassandra screenshot 2

Interrogation has been selected by Video Art Zero for a new programme, to be released online:

Video Art Miden
Facebook page:

Assassin has reached the end of its festival cycle. It's been officially selected five times:

  • London Independent Film Festival
  • International New York Film Festival
  • Motion Pictures International Film Festival (Alberta, Canada)
  • The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium (California, US)
  • International Art Film Festival (London)

In addition, it was awarded 2020 Best Rhythm & Poetry for Berlin Deadline at the Berlin Underground Film Festival.

This is an extra category awarding a different film every month.

Please find the film here:


The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium has selected and announced Jenny Xueer Wan's film titled Assassin as an official selection by their platform:

Saturday, November 21, 2020 Program begins at 8:00pm.

MA'S BUTTON BOX (poet. Anshu Malviya, director. Anubhav Singh, India, 2020)
THE SIREN'S SONG (poet & director. Thomas Longstaff, U.K., 2019)
DIALOGUE WITH GEORGIA O'KEEFFE I: CHIMNEY ROCK (poet & director. Patricia L. Meek, U.S., 2018)
THANK JOHNSON I'M WOKE (writer & director. Charles de Agustin, U.S., 2019)
THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BUZZ ALDRIN (animator. Avishkar Chhetri, poet. Bill Neumire, U.S., 2020)
HELL YELLOW (media artist. Dean Terry, performance artists. Hannah Weir & Therefore, U.S., 2020)
THE SCULPTURE OF PLACE AND TIME (khmer classical dancer. Prumsodun Ok, director. Tatsuhito Utagawa, Japan & Cambodia, 2020)
HAIKU (poet & director. Martin Gerigk, Germany, 2020)

short intermission

WHAT MEMPHIS NEEDS (poet & director. Alexis Kraslovsky, U.S., 1991)
RESPEK (poet. Kamari Bright, animator. Christina Perry, U.S., 2018)
FARMLY (poet. Buddy Wakefield, director. Jamie DeWolf, U.S., 2019)
ASSASSIN (poet. Alan Dunnett, director. Jenny Xueer Wan, U.K., 2019)
THE BEZIER CURVE (poet & computer graphics. Jim Hall, U.S., 2019)
BIRTH OF A POET (writers & directors. James Franco, Gómez Millán, and Zachary Lerschberg, U.S., 2019)
PRINCE (poet. Lynn Breedlove, video artist. John Sanborn, U.S., 2020)

The Final Screening and Closing Remarks is approximately 100 minutes

Here are some links to the platform, full line up, and schedule:

To reserve your seat please forward the details of your request to:

Chocolate will be screened in Mexico:


Chocolate at Fotogenia Festival

Flying Ketchup Press have organised a virtual reading of poems from The Very Edge on Saturday 24th October at 1 pm CDT:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 840 3009 7225
Passcode: EDGE
One tap mobile +16468769923,,84030097225#,,,,,,0#,,590783# US (New York)

The book is now available on Amazon and Kindle and soon Nook and other formats.

Chocolate has been selected for the Zebra Poetry Film Festival - 19th to 22nd November 2020 in the Kino in der KulturBrauerei in Berlin. Around 2,000 films were submitted from more than 100 countries.

The Very Edge is now available:

'Shot in the Head', which is included in The Very Edge, has also been illustrated (not in the anthology) by Alix Emery:

Here's a voicing by me of 'Descent into Hades', recently published online by Ink, Sweat & Tears:

Assassin Remembers - Jamie Martin Jamie Martin — Assassin — carries on with his story:

Flying Ketchup are aiming for publication at the start of July:


Ink Sweat & Tears are publishing 'Descent Into Hades'. It will go live on their site on June 7th at 9am UK time:

Interrogation is an Official Selection of the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2020. I wrote and voiced it. Ivo Krankowski directed, shooting it on an iPhone. 21 films have been selected out of about 1,000. Interrogation will be screened on Monday June 22, 2020 between 7 and 11 PM at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Official Selection of the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2020

Now entering its sixth year, the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival has evolved to have a physical presence in a premier setting - The Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC). As it approaches its fourth decade, the HKAC has become widely recognized as the prime arts and culture incubator in Hong Kong. HKAC strives to engage the community with art, focusing primarily on promoting contemporary art and culture in Hong Kong and abroad through exhibitions, art education and related programs.

Assassin has been selected for the International New York Film Festival. It's a semi-finalist in the Experimental category.

This will now be an online streaming festival; and because Assassin has a guaranteed screening, it will be screened again in New York next year for the 2021 festival.

International New York Film Festival INYFF

Coming soon:

In the current issue of The New European:

Easter Reckoning

'That's a wonderful diptych. It also touches in a subtle and oblique way on our present extraordinary dilemma.' - Bernard O'Donoghue

'That teetering between the safe quotidian and the troubling transcendent is so true of the human condition.' - Nicholas Bielby

'Interesting combination of 21st century and 30 AD. The Pope would hate it.' - John Biggs

Assassin will be screened at 6pm, Saturday March 14th (festival's Shorts Block 1) at Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green, together with a few other shorts. Here are 3 stills. Please scroll down for more.




Also, Assassin has been awarded 2020 Best Rhythm & Poetry for Berlin Deadline at Berlin Underground Film Festival. It's an additional category awarding a different film every month.

2 stills from the forthcoming poem-film, Chocolate, directed by Victoria Ene, featuring Meagan Connolly, voiced by Mathias Swann.



Interrogation has been officially selected for the 2020 Brussels Independent Film Festival.

Interrogation has been officially selected by the London Super Shorts Film Festival 2019.

It will be screened at:

BFI Stephen Street
21 Stephen St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1LN

in December. Exact date and time tbc.

'Shot in the Head' will appear in The Very Edge, a poetry collection published by Flying Ketchup Press in the spring of 2020.

Interrogation, a poem-film written and voiced by me, and directed by Ivo Krankowski, has won Best Experimental Film at the Verona International Film Festival 2019

no no you filth

'The River God Waits' will appear in the Live Canon 2019 Anthology. Selection made by Zaffar Kunial:

Interrogation has been selected for The One Minutes Series 'Martians Send Videos Home'.
'Martians Send Videos Home' consists of 15 works by international artists and filmmakers. Together, the videos explore the concept of estrangement.

'Martians Send Videos Home' will be presented at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai (CN) 22 October- 24 November 2019.

The trailer for the series will be available here: and here

A press release will be available here:

In November and December, the series will tour museums and cultural organisations. These are:
Betty Jane, Amsterdam (NL)
Dortmunder U (DE)
East China Normal University, Shanghai (CN)
Mu, Eindhoven (NL)
Museum Hilversum (NL)
Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (NL)
De School, Amsterdam (NL)

In November and December, the films will be posted on Instagram at theoneminutes_

Interrogation becomes part of The One Minutes Collection and will be preserved by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Interrogation will be screened at the Get Smart Film Festival (short films made on smartphones or tablets):

Interrogation has been selected by the Verona International Film Festival 2019 and will be screened next month:

Culture Matters are raising money for a film-poem of arise! If interested, please follow this link:

Interrogation has been selected for the Young Film Market - Social World Film Festival 2019:

'Easter Reckoning' will be published by The New European in 2020. It comes in 2 parts: 'Crucifying' and 'Resurrecting'.

Interrogation will be shown on May 29 at the one-minute Mister Vorky festival in Ruma, Serbia:

Interrogation, a 1-minute poem-film directed by Ivo Krankowski and made on iPhones, will be screening in Houston on March 22nd -

Interrogation is also a category semi-finalist for the Alternative Film Festival. Finalists will be screened in Toronto on March 18th -

These competitions include vignettes:

And A Happy New Year.

Two Brexit poems from A Christmas Quartet appear in the 20 Dec 2018 edition of The New European.

'I think you capture something of the agony without vilification...' - Nicholas Bielby, outgoing editor, Pennine Platform.

See Poems for 'Brexit Resolution':

'... to be recited at demonstrations and public gatherings. Maybe to be put to music as the Marseillaise of Brexit.'

— Professor Vladimir Mirodan (The Actor and the Character: Explorations in the Psychology of Transformative Acting, Routledge, 2019; 'Acting and Emotion' in The Routledge Companion to Acting, Performance and Cognitive Science, 2019)

Winchester Poetry Prize Winchester Poetry Prize: 'Witch' was commended:

All of the winning and commended poems are published in the competition anthology, The Blaze in Father's Breath, which is now available via the Festival's online shop.




'Witch' longlisted by Liz Berry for the Winchester Poetry Prize. The winners will be announced at a special prize-giving event at the Winchester Poetry Festival on Saturday 6 October 2018. Tickets for this event are free and can be booked via the Theatre Royal Winchester Box Office.

Reading at the Five Leaves Bookshop in January:

Exact date tbc.

In Bed With Macbeth (3 minutes): voice: Julia Ford performance: Alex Smith   filmed and edited by Mark Duffield:

'Beckett meets Tarkovsky' Michael Bray

Another version of The Third Colour by John Wills:

Torriano, Kentish Town, 22 July:

On YouTube: The Midas Touch, a film version of the poem, Good (Reason) For Brexit, which appeared in The New European Jan 2018, and in the Culture Matters collection A Third Colour by Alan Dunnett with images by Alix Emery, published May 2018.

John Wills of Pumajaw has put these to music.

With Your Permission

The Third Colour

Poetry of the working class at the Torriano Meeting House, 22nd July, 7.30pm:

Poems by Alan Dunnett
with illustrations by Alix Emery (
priced below

Culture Matters

First published 2018 by Culture Matters.
Culture Matters aims to promote progressive art and culture, as part of the cultural struggle for socialism. See


A Third Colour is now available:

The launch at Housmans on Thurs 24 May went well. There was no actual reading and the overall feel was of a party rather than a launch. (Readings with other Culture Matters poets will follow in the summer.) Instead, films made from the poems were screened, with headsets provided, while the music of Dungeness, Niobe, Pumajaw and Love, with their fractured, dystopian concerns, played.

Two of the films can be found here:


Brother and Sister:

Jamie Martin is Assassin

A Third Colour will be launched on Thursday May 24th:

Good (Reason) for Brexit has appeared in The New European. It will also be in A Third Colour.

Here are some stills from Assassin, a short film version of a poem in A Third Colour, featuring Jamie Martin, April J. Barber and Naomi Tankel

She sang and did some ironing
She sang and did some ironing

My hand must be steady
My hand must be steady

A romantic reward
A romantic reward

  • Director of Photography: Olive Angelique
  • AC: Cyrus Mirzashafa
  • Sound design: Haotong Yuan
  • Produced by Sam Cao
  • Edited/Directed by Jenny Xueer Wan
  • Thanks to: CSM, LCC, LCF

A collection, A Third Colour, illustrated by Alix Emery, will be published in May 2018 by Culture Matters. More to follow.

BrexitAt Service or Brexit

In the timings is some dislocation. All the cogs seem oiled. You pull and again at the lever. Each day, it is harder...

Here is the final cut of 'Wake':

'Justice and Peace' appears here:

Militant Thistles have put this set up:

'As Trees Walking' was shortlisted for the Frogmore Poetry Prize 2017 and will be published in number 90 of The Frogmore Papers in September.

'Assassin' will appear in Skylight 47, Issue 8. The launch takes place at the March Over The Edge reading at Galway City Library at 6.30 on Thursday 30th March 2017.


'Nothing To Declare' has won a Merit Prize in the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition 2016. The adjudicator Liz Berry - - said:

'I think the poem is fine but the ending is stunning.'

It appears here:

'As Trees Walking' was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize.

'The War Abroad', with another Ignacia Ruiz woodcut, is here:

'When the Well Runs Dry' with an illustration by Ann Course can be found here:

Ann Course studied at the Royal College of Art and lives and works in London. Her films and sculptures have been widely screened and exhibited, including Tate Britain/Modern, Royal Academy, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Angel Row Gallery, Stroom Den Hague, Galerie Barbara Thumm, The Drawing Room, the Rotterdam Film Festival, Oberhausen film Festival, LUX gallery and the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

'The Dog's Tongue Dragged in the Dirt' appears in Culture Matters:

with a woodcut by Ignacia Ruiz:

The Eyewear anthology launch (links below) went well. Readings were given to a packed room at The Camden Eye. 'Succour' was presented as 'Sucker' with Zaid El-Mousa playing the refugee. The poem was directed by Jess Walker.

Wake (Mark II) has won a Fame'Us International Film Festival Bronze Award:

'Succour' will appear in The Best New British and Irish Poets 2016 to be published by Eyewear in March:

Pre-order now! Out 15th March 2016

Judged by Kelly Davio, Senior Poetry Editor, Eyewear Publishing LTD, and Todd Swift, Series Editor.

Modeled on the famous United States competition, the first annual Best New British and Irish Poets competition was open to any poet of British or Irish citizenship and/or U.K. or Irish residency who has not yet published or will not publish a full-length collection prior to 1 June 2016. Poems submitted for consideration could have appeared in print before, or in a pamphlet, but not online. Poets about to have full collections out from Eyewear Publishing, including Ben Parker and Maria Apichella, were ineligible for inclusion.

'The Art of the Politician' can be found here:

Communist ReviewThe autumn issue of the Communist Review is now available:

It includes Lenin's view (in a paragraph) of Kant [materialism/idealism]; and Mike Quille's regular poetry selection, including two I've written - 'Instruction' and 'The Third Colour' - plus an anti-war essay by Magdalena Thompson focussing on Byron's 'The Eve of Waterloo'.

'The Third Colour' will appear in Emmylou Books' latest anthology, a booklet called Is There A Poem Sweet Enough? It'll be on sale soon from Campaign Against Arms Trade ( 020 7281 0297/ £5.50 incl p & p

'Kick Off' made the Bridport shortlist:

The judge was Roger McGough.

A new version of Wake is soon to be released.

Here's the trailer:


'Brother and Sister', from a 3-sonnet set called 'Once Upon a Time', will be appearing in issue 37 of Brittle Star - - the launch of which will be at 6.30 pm for 7 on 14 Oct at the Barbican Library in London.

I'll be reading 3 or 4 poems. Entry is free, but space is limited. The Library can be contacted on 020 7638 0569 for tickets - Barbican Library, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS.

'Tuning Into The Slow Time' will be appearing in the St Cross 50th Anniversay anthology:

Roncadora Press have published an illustrated version of 'Return of the Killer':

The Drunken Boat - - will publish The Mercy Corridor in its next issue, a chapbook selection of 12 poems.

'Guillotine Blues' and 'No More Killing' are now online:

I'll be reading a couple of poems at The Story So Far Launch Event at the Dominion Centre, Southall, on Sat 31 January:

'Wake' was selected for the Walthamstow International Film Festival 2014.

'Then He Kissed Me' and 'The Mercy Fuck' have been published online at Dead Ink:

'Limitation Under the Stars' has won the Ealing Poetry Competition and can be found here:!poetry-competition/c1mrq

The judge was George Szirtes -

'The Outer Reaches or The Birds' appears in the June 2014 issue of The Warwick Review, which is edited by Michael Hulse:

Sub Specie Aeternitatis has appeared in Pennine Platform 73. It consists of 3 poems: 'Promise of Eternity', 'Ancient Mars', 'Bubbles in Boiling Water'.

2 poems will be appearing in Dream Catcher 29.

'Atrocity' appears in the Communist Review (Number 70, Winter 2013/14). Articles include Graham Stevenson's ' General Strikes' and a round table discussion: 'Building the Fight Against Austerity'.

3 more poems in the Civil War series can be found here:

Odour of Devon Violet, a new satirical epic poem by Alan Morrison - - is available at:

International Festival of Cinematic ArtsWake has been selected by the International Festival of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles (Oct 2013).



'After You' was shortlisted for The PENfro Poetry Competition 2013 judged by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch -

Dan Truman and Ninon Rogers have kindly recorded the start and finish of To Boldly Go:

I read 'A Goneril' and 'Right' at The Swan Cellar Bar, Bradford on Avon, on Sept 2nd:

3 poems appear here:

To Boldly Go was presented in London on June 19th at the Innovation Warehouse with 2 of the actors on screen live from New York:

The story of an astronaut who calls home, having arrived at an unknown planet.


ASTRONAUT... Dan Truman
WIFE... Ninon Rogers
FITZ... Jesse Gassongo-Alexander
CHILD... EZ Gutmann

'Welcome' has come 2nd in the Norwich Writers' Circle Open Competition 2013, adjudicated by George Szirtes.

Trailer for 'Wake':

Will be reading 'Down by the River' in Nottingham on Saturday 24th November. It's been awarded Joint Third Place in the 2012 Nottingham Open Poetry Competition. The Adjudicator was Bloodaxe editor Neil Astley.

I'll be reading 'Tuning into the Slow Time' at the P:ACE Conference on Saturday 27 October. The theme is 'The Rhythm of Objects'.

Poster | Programme

The CD Songs Now is available on Meridian Records. It includes David Power's Eight Evening Songs. Here is 'Kinds of White':

David Power's Eight Evening Songs will be launched in York on 4 August. It includes Ana Eulate's 'Kinds of White', which I translated with her.

CD Booklet

I'll be taking part in a launch of The Robin Hood Book at Centerprise in Dalston on Tuesday 24th July:

The event is from 7 till 9. Other poets in the book include Heathcote Williams, Michael Horovitz, Mario Petrucci, Andy Croft, Judith Kazantis, Valerie Laws, Ian Parks, Ira Lightman and Jeremy Reed.

The new issue of London Grip is available:

Two poems:

'Riot' and 'And Then' from 'Strike' appear in The Robin Hood Book -

The Poetry Library's poetry magazines site will soon include some of my work previously published in Poetry Salzburg Review.

Ana Eulate's 'Kinds of White', which Ana translated from the Spanish with me, will be released on the Meridian label towards the end of this year as part of a set of 8 songs which set various poets. The composer is David Power. The performers are Paul Carey Jones (Baritone) and Ian Ryan (piano) and they were recorded at the National Centre for Early Music in York by Dr Jeremy Wells of the York University Music Technology Department.

David Power's work can be found on his Soundcloud site -

Ana is Artistic Director of Compania Pendiente.

'The Leader Seeks To Retire' appears at:

'The Big Reach' will be included in the 2012 Norwich Writers' Circle Anthology.

'Let In' has been accepted at the Motion International Festival in Cyprus. The Festival is between 23rd and 24th March - Cyprus. Here's the link to the festival programme. 'Let In' is under the Experimental / Video Art Section.

And poems are at, [contributors],,,,, and Forthcoming: Pennine Platform.

'Let In' has been selected for the 24 Hour Nuremburg Film Festival. It's being held in Krakow, Poland from December 9th to 10th:

The latest in the Civil War series, 'The Leader Seeks to Retire', can be seen here: The editor is Alan Morrison:

John Biggs and Catherine Tang have retained the Macbeth bit I had in the 3rd edition of Teaching for Quality Learning at University. The 4th edition is out now:

'Let In' has been selected for this year's Kenya International Film Festival and will be playing on Sunday 23rd Oct at the Alliance Francaise at 9:45.

'Let In' has been selected for exhibition and will be shown in the Walthamstow International Film Festival which runs from the 3rd to the 11th of September at five venues around Walthamstow Town Centre.

Trailer for 'Let In':

A new set of 'Civil War' poems can be found here:

'A Little After Dark' and 'Charon' will appear in 65/1, the autumn issue of Assent.

Dream Catcher 24 launch on Thursday July 7th at Pages Bookshop in Hackney, 7pm with poets Myra Schneider, Chris Hardy, Alan Dunnett, Patrick Drysdale and Mike Lyons and Paul Sutherland

Dream Catcher is available at

The issue is an extraordinary blend of national and international writing, from Turkey, Nigeria, Ireland, USA, and from the UK. Well-known authors such as Graham Mort, Myra Schneider, Tony Roberts, Ian Parks, Mario Susko Micheal Henry and Chris Hardy are featured and Abigail Morley (short-list for the Forward Prize Best First Collection, 2010).

Humorous stories from the USA; translation of Ingeborg Bachmann, excellent artwork and reviews of such writers as the Australian Sandy Fitts and UK poet, Josephine Dickinson.

Dream Catcher is as much fiction as poetry, as much national as international. It knows no barriers or borders. It aims for diversity and excellence, to encompass all subjects and all forms of writing to represent the contemporary world's cultural mix. Contemporary Writing for Contemporary Readers

Three poems appear in Poetry Salzburg Review No.18. 'I Saw You Again' is in The Oxford Magazine, No.306. Other contributors include Geoffrey Hill and there are articles on climate change, sustainability and the Browne Report:

A new poem in the Civil War sequence can be found here:

Yeovil Literary Prize: 2010 Poetry Competition - 'Something Missing' was commended.

The next issue of Assent will be a new look double issue and will be launched at QUAD (Arts Centre in the middle of Derby) at 7 on Thursday 7th October. This will feature a reading from Bernard O'Donoghue, supported by two other poets (CJ Allen and me) who appear in the issue. SOLD OUT.

'Decision' appears in the Norwich Writers' Circle Open Poetry Competition Anthology 2010:

'I Saw You Again' has been highly commended by the Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition (adjudicator George Szirtes).

'On The Other Side' was commended by the Nottingham Poetry Competition (Adjudicator Penelope Shuttle) and now appears in The Rialto, no.69, the '25 Years' issue:

Here is an earlier draft:

'Transit' can be found at Able Muse:

David Angus has produced Civil War and Practical (his voice) as seen at

Beggars and The Last Race appear in the competition anthology The Ver Prize 2009. The adjudicator was John Whitworth and the poems were heard at the Maltings Arts Theatre in St Albans on 4th July 09:

The producer was William Walsh.

Compania Pendiente are using A Bed for the Long Night:

A Bed for the Long Night came 3rd in the Torbay Poetry Competition, part of the festival. The organiser is Patricia Oxley who also edits Acumen. These recordings (my voice) produced by David Angus:

Many thanks to Anna Andresen and David Angus for providing a voice for the Hamlet poem. They have also done In Bed With Macbeth, which follows straight after.

Pinstripe Hype will soon be releasing their EP called Class. Ugly can be heard here.

Pinstripe Hype are:
Andy Preston   |   Guitars and vocals
James Peters   |   Bass
Zaki Orbell   |   Vocals
Rob Murphy   |   Drums
Rhodri Pazzi-Axworthy   |   Keyboards

Class recorded live at the Carling Academy Islington, 23 November 2006
All songs written by Preston/Peters except "Ugly", lyrics by Alan Dunnett, music by Preston/ Peters
All songs © Market Songs, 2006
© Pinstripe Hype 2006

I have a bit in John Biggs' revised edition of Teaching for Quality Learning at University, which he has written with Catherine Tang. He is a novelist as well as an educationalist and can be visited at:

Detain appears in Orbis 131, having come third in the Middlesex University International Poetry Competition.

Good to see Kevin Fegan very active, not just as a playwright of standing but as a poet, currently being published by Five Leaves. We gave some poetry readings together, through East Midlands Arts, about 15 years ago.

© 2014 Alan Dunnett | Illustrations Jo Dunnett - London based artist | Design by Matt