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As Trees Walking

Appears in The Frogmore Papers Ninety, Autumn 2017. The Papers are edited by Jeremy Page.

Yes, you are free to go, I heard him say,
you can simply walk out of here and go.
You need take nothing with you. You are free.

Not too late, although the last of the day
is leaving above the street lamps. My slow
step is one of new curiosity

and not of fear, as I make my way,
or lack of purpose, I insist, although
you may think otherwise. For I can see

those who were expecting me have gone away.
The old messages mean nothing, I know.
I know as well there is no guarantee.

Still, I gather the soft yellow lamplight
into a rucksack and go before night.

© 2017 Alan Dunnett | Illustrations Jo Dunnett - London based artist | Design by Matt