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This Bullet Has Your Name On It

Published by Assent

My love, does this seem harsh? You want to talk
now when it is too late. Look out and note

the hearse has just arrived. No expense spared.
Your coffin is lead-lined: I acknowledge

your beauty and it will be preserved. Once,
the way you breathed gave orders but no more.

Call this an act of deliberation.
The world is wide yet you made it narrow.

I want to live again. Was that the door?
It's time to say goodbye. Goodbye. Passion

is quite diluted. A thin perfume sits
on the air like a stain on the wall. Look

and see the ice in my soul. I love you
differently now and this is a blessing.

© 2014 Alan Dunnett | Illustrations Jo Dunnett - London based artist | Design by Matt