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Published in Dream Catcher

You are right and I am wrong,
completely and unquestionably wrong.

It is true that I thought I was right
and that, therefore, you were wrong

but I was mistaken. I hold up my hands.
You know best. I say this without irony.

You are right and I am wrong.
I take this on board. Fair cop, guv,

and all that. So what do you say
to a clean slate tomorrow,

no hard feelings, beginning anew?
No shadow of what is past, no ill residue

of that time when I thought - could have sworn -
that I was right and you were wrong?

For that was how it seemed. I make no apology.
We can be adult about this. I was right

and you were most definitely wrong
or that was how it seemed.

You were pig-headed (or so it seemed)
and quarrelsome and never entertained

my point of view. God knows, I tried.
I was reasonable and temperate

but your course was set and that was that.
Now that I've agreed (without prejudice)

that you are right and I am blindingly wrong,
perhaps you'll be good enough to concede this:

no offence intended, but you've been stupid,
insensitive and bloody-minded. If truth were told,

if you could look back with the benefit of hindsight
and mature objectivity, I have the feeling

you'd admit to this. But, hey, water under the bridge,
what's done is done, time the healer,

and all that. What does it matter
if the truth is, you were wrong and I was right?

We can be adult about this. I bear no grudge.
But if I were you, and this is not putting it too strongly,

I'd wonder how I could live with myself,
having perpetrated the hideous lie

that, sure as day follows night,
I was wrong and you were right.

© 2014 Alan Dunnett | Illustrations Jo Dunnett - London based artist | Design by Matt