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Every recollection has been lost
in frozen thorny bushes.
White over white
red over white.
The snow pants under my feet
in thousands of pieces, ice creaks on wood.

Over there, deep down, the warmth
(the life-breath from your core)...

I wander with frozen toes
looking for the sign which might say
there, over there, the one you await still lives.


Todo recuerdo se ha perdido
en los zarzales congelados.
Blanco sobre blanco
rojo sobre blanco.
La nieve jadea bajo mis pies
de mil pedazos hielo cruje en la madera.

Alla, en el fondo, el calor
(el aliento de tus entranas)...

Y yo vago, con dedos congelados
buscando el indicador que diga
alla, alla viva quien tu esperas.

by Ana Eulate |

Translated from the Spanish by Ana Eulate with Alan Dunnett and Joyce Deans

Kinds of White

White over white
white over white
under white, white.
Red over white,
expanse of brutal purity,
white of raw reverie.
A frozen sea roars by me
without touching

Formas De Blanco

Blanco sobre blanco
blanco sobre blanco
bajo el blanco, blanco.
rojo sobre el blanco,
anchura de pureza brutal,
Blanco de cruda ensonacion.
Un mar helado ruge a mi lado
sin tocarme

by Ana Eulate
published in Aesthetica Issue 6

Translated from the Spanish by Ana Eulate and Alan Dunnett

Also put to music by David Power, appearing on Songs Now, British Songs of the 21st Century, 2012 Meridian.

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